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Treatments Tested and proven, Blue Powder for ears, and Deskunking

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Author Topic: Treatments Tested and proven, Blue Powder for ears, and Deskunking  (Read 636 times)
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« on: October 15, 2008, 09:54:31 pm »

Basic Blue Power ear treatment
 You MUST make sure the ear canal is intact before using so a trip to the vet is most assuredly in order.
Blue Power:
16 oz. Isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) maybe 99 cents for two bottles at Walmart
4 Tablespoons Boric Acid Powder (less than $2)
16 Drops Gentian Violet Solution 1% (ask your pharmacist for it. I got a dusty  bottle 3 years ago and it's still here! If you have to go 2% - use half)
Mix it all together in the rubbing alcohol bottle and apply twice daily for two weeks. You will want to put some of the solution in a clean squirt bottle and shake well before use as the Boric Acid Powder settles to the bottom. It is most important to make sure the eardrum is intact or you can cause some serious harm.
To treat a dog's ears: have the pooch sit on your feet (or near abouts there) with their back to you. Hold the head up and back against your legs. A dog will follow it's head like a horse so you have the critter trapped pretty much! Apply a small squirt of the solution to the problem ear with a tissue at the bottom of the ear. Massage in for about a count of twenty or maybe a super-bowl commercial. Use the tissue to swab the excess and let 'em go! There will be head shaking to get the excess outta there so swab productively. This stuff stains so do it outside until you get the hang of things.!


 Emergency Deskunking Recipe

A hydrogen peroxide/baking soda recipe:
1 Quart of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
1/4 cup of Baking Soda
1 teaspoon of Liquid Soap
Wash while mixture is bubbling... rinse off with tap water.
The quantities described here were used for a cat. Scale up as necessary. Use FRESH Hydrogen Peroxide... H2O2 will eventually turn into water.
Do not make the mixture and attempt to store it as the mixing creates lots of oxygen which can cause an explosion in a sealed container.
Skunk essence is made of sulfur molecules. The materials in the recipe, when mixed together, form an alkaline peroxide, which chemically changes the skunk essence into sulfonic acid; a completely odorless chemical. The soap breaks down the oily skunk essence, making it more susceptible to the other chemicals

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